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dc.contributor.advisorDalla Zen, Laura Habckost
dc.contributor.authorCortezia, Jeane Maria Blume
dc.description.abstractThe context of the coronavirus pandemic has forced us into the digital world, transforming our lives, business, and education. This research, which is inserted in this scenario, has the general objective of understanding how the hybridization of teaching can contribute to the creation of a business model, within the scope of an institute of additional languages, with a view to economic-financial sustainability and academic excellence. To this end, the work is theoretically based on studies related to the acquisition of additional languages (LIGHTBOWN; SPADA, 2013; HALL, 2019), cyberculture (LÉVY, 1999), digital transformation (SCHLEMMER; MOREIRA, 2020), hybridity (SCHLEMMER, 2015) and educational management (LÜCK, 2009). As a methodological approach, it is qualitative research and an online questionnaire about the experiences, interests and preferences of English teachers and students at the Unisinos Language Institute – UNILÍNGUAS is applied. Based on the responses obtained, a discussion was organized through three analytical emphases: (i) interaction and conversation in an online environment, highlighting how synchronicity and digital presence are fundamental for additional language learning; (ii) grammar of the language, which points to an understanding of teaching that is still strongly linked to didactic material, fixed rules, vocabulary and native speaker; (iii) and pandemic, online classes, and flexibility of time and spaces, which lead us to expand the concept of education, as the pandemic forces the creation of new routines, new patterns of behavior, as well as a greater appreciation of time. By relating the generated data, the theoretical framework and the researcher's management experience, an intervention proposal is presented, which aims to guide a new business model through teaching hybridization processes.en
dc.publisherUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinospt_BR
dc.subjectEnsino de línguas adicionaispt_BR
dc.subjectTeaching additional languagesen
dc.titleProcessos de hibridização do ensino em um instituto de línguas adicionaispt_BR

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