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dc.contributor.advisorCabral, Patrícia Martins Fagundes
dc.contributor.authorLorensini, Clarissa Kubiça Pavão
dc.description.abstractThis research was developed with the objective of analyzing the reasons for the low participation of women in management positions in strategic agencies of a large Brazilian bank. It is characterized by being a field study, with a qualitative approach and exploratory nature. A bibliographical research was carried out on the themes female leadership, women's career, and female leadership and women's career in the banking sector. The collection of empirical data was carried out through semi-structured interviews carried out with 25 general managers, 14 women and 11 men. Qualitative analysis indicated that female managers conceive their career prospects based on the possibility of integration with their personal and family interests, which includes the preservation of the support network and interaction with family, spouse and children. The beliefs of men and women about the reasons for low female participation in management positions in strategic agencies are similar, and are related to women's choices to remain close to family and children. The impact of institutional policies to encourage women's professional advancement was evaluated and there was a divergence of opinions on the use of quotas and the need for better communication about the events and results of the Women's Leadership Program. Motherhood was identified as a factor with the greatest impact on the choices of women managers in view of the assumption of greater professional responsibilities and their willingness to be mobile, which reflects on their trajectory and career goals.en
dc.description.sponsorshipBB - Banco do Brasilpt_BR
dc.publisherUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinospt_BR
dc.subjectCarreira de mulherespt_BR
dc.subjectWomen's careeren
dc.titleLiderança feminina e carreira de mulheres: uma escuta sobre a (não) participação feminina em cargos de gestão de um banco brasileiropt_BR

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