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dc.contributor.advisorFritsch, Rosangela
dc.contributor.authorRibeiro, Caroline Lourenço de Almeida
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents the research developed during the Professional Master Degree in Education Management of UNISINOS University and aims at the Policies, Systems and Organization for School Education. The investigation study analyzed the way teaching and learning processes reflect within the Professional High School and Regular High School courses at ETE FMC (School of Electronics Francisco Moreira da Costa). Its specific objectives are: to portray the professional education at secondary level in Brazil; detail the School of Electronics, its teachers and the profile of ETE FMC regular student in 2019; to map the flow of students in and out of School and to identify factors related to transferences and fails in students learning process.The research reveals its social relevance once it can assist the school in enhancing the learning processes of students bearing scholarship. The study is also relevant as it investigates the causes, factors of flow of students in both professional and regular high school courses at ETE FMC. Methodologically the research features an approach on quality, explorative classified. As for the presentation the study focuses on local cases. Among the results reached by the study, it is worth to note the high failure numbers in the following segments: students of all grades offered CEBAS scholarship and among first grade students entitled scholarship or not. Other factors came clear when investigating the flow of students in and out of school: the teaching/learning processes and social, economic, cultural and familiar difficulties faced by students. That said, the research concluded the learning/teaching process may reflect positive or negatively in the flow of students, as well as the other factors noted.The study also shows a learning process focused mainly in the teaching; this comes clear in the reports of students interviewed on how teachers give their lessons and also how they evaluate students. It also reveals a teacher/student relation based on the communication paradigm. Within the school several other different education paradigms show up; for those the qualification, didactic and methodologic adequacy is deemed necessary.As a contribution the research presents the relation learning/teaching process and the flow of students in and out of school. As a limitation, the study was not able to investigate in deep all the players in this intrinsic process which would lead to a better comprehension of details, be them positive or negative.en
dc.publisherUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinospt_BR
dc.titleOs processos de ensino e de aprendizagem e os (des)arranjos nos fluxos escolarespt_BR

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