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dc.contributor.advisorSilva, André de Souza
dc.contributor.authorOliveira, Guilherme Ricieri Cella de
dc.description.abstractThis article aims to analyze the visual pollution caused by the excess of advertising elements that come to be inserted in the urban landscape, where these aspects have social, environmental and economic impacts. For the development of the research, a bibliographical survey was carried out whose data were collected on the basis of concepts and fundamentals regarding visual pollution and perception of form, with the objective of presenting the interferences caused by the excess of visual elements that pollute the large urban centers , altering even the visual identity of a place. The method adopted consisted of three stages, in a first moment the theoretical survey was carried out in order to investigate the concepts and foundations adopted on the subject, secondly, the influence of the external elements inherent to the buildings of interest, delimited under which there are buildings with any socio-cultural historical value through computer image simulation and EyeTracker software. Based on the activities carried out, evaluatives were applied to an open public with thirty-six people, and could collect data indicating the relevance of visual pollution around the areas of limited interest. It is considered that the discussions about the theme can contribute significantly to a reflection of the users that use these communication vehicles, being able to opt for new strategies that approach the means of dissemination in favor of the urban sustainability, besides the quality of life in the day to day of users living in urban areas.en
dc.publisherUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinospt_BR
dc.subjectPaisagem urbanapt_BR
dc.subjectUrban landscapeen
dc.titlePoluição visual e percepção da paisagem urbana com edificações históricas: uma análise a partir do movimento ocular (Eye-tracking)pt_BR

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