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dc.contributor.advisorCarreira, Willyan Hasenkamp
dc.contributor.authorRosario, Jeferson Cardoso do
dc.description.abstractThe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is nowadays the third cause of death in the world. Recent studies have shown the intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring as an important tool for cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) calculation and cerebral blood flow (CBF) assestment, reducing significantly the mortality statistics. Besides TBI, several others pathologies and neurosurgery conditions have been using the ICP monitoring technique. The proposal of ICP monitoring first appeared on the 50’s, where a tube fulfilled with fluid in contact with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) was introduced into the intracranial space and connected to an external pressure transducer. With the waves of the microelectronics and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) industry evolution, it was possible to put the transducer and all the electronics inside the catheter tip, allowing a less invasive monitoring, decreasing the risk of infection. The state of art catheters with micro transducer on the tip can be divided into three groups: strain-gauge, optical fiber and pneumatic. Each group has it’s own characteristics, however the first has been demonstrated as the rugged solution, being reliable, cost effective and with good accuracy. In the present work, it was proposed the development of an strain-gauge micro transducer implantable catheter for intracranial pressure monitoring. Functional prototypes were built and submitted to performance tests, according to the technical standards in the medical equipment area, the temperature influence over the pressure measurements was evaluated, as well as the accuracy. The adopted processes are commonly used in the semiconductor packaging industry, however it was considered the application special requirements, adapting the processes to the geometry and materials used, considering the needs of biocompatible materials.en
dc.publisherUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinospt_BR
dc.subjectPressão intracraniana (PIC)pt_BR
dc.subjectIntracranial pressure (ICP)en
dc.titleDesenvolvimento de cateter implantável de monitorização de pressão intracranianapt_BR

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