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dc.contributor.advisorFritsch, Rosângela
dc.contributor.authorAlves, Miriam
dc.description.abstractThis work has the objective of analyzing,within professional careers, the continuing experiences and graduations, more specifically the paths tracked by librarians in positions of management of libraries at UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul). In order to meet this objective, the socio-professional profileand career politics and development policies of UFRGS librarians are characterized, the paths taken by active manager librarians are identified, while is verified the continuing education graduation taken by manager librarians, and contributions were identified for the exercise of activities relevant to the position. Contextualizes the institution and the subjects of the research. It presents concepts related to professional trajectories (FRANZOI, 2006), (DUBAR, 2005), competencies (BRANDÃO; BORGES-ANDRADE, 2007), (FLEURY; FLEURY, 2001) and managerial competencies (MINTZBERG 1973 apud ROBBINS, c2000), (FAGUNDES; SEMINOTTI, 2009), especially of librarians (VALENTIM, 2002), (MACIEL; MENDONÇA, 2006). The research has a descriptive character with a qualitative and quantitative approach and case study as the method adopted. As data collection technique, UFRGS database, documents, curriculum lattes and interviews with chief librarians were used to analyze the content. As results, it has been noted that there is a valorization of the Master's to exercise leadership positions. The librarians in focus have built up their careers by bringing a wealth of knowledge and a load of previous experiences, bringing together the knowledge of Library Science and continuing education. The gaps that they perceive in the curriculum, especially in management and management of people as well as the contributions towards the technical side of the profession. They reveal also the characteristics that are necessary to be a chief librarian, for the good exercise of management and for that reason justifies the search for a continued education in order toovercomethe failures detected in the formation, either through qualification courses or by training courses offered by the University itself. As managers, they have expectations regarding the continuation or not of their education. As a suggestion, points to the review of the Undergraduate curriculum and the offer of extension and postgraduate courses, latu and strictusensu in the area of Librarian Studies and Information Sciences from UFRGS, so that the librarians can improve their careers without having to go out of their residential regions or to be forced to study just related courses. Another suggestion is the creation of a manager development program within the University.en
dc.publisherUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinospt_BR
dc.titleExperiências e formações: os caminhos trilhados por bibliotecários gestores na UFRGSpt_BR

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