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dc.contributor.advisorKern, Andrea Parisi
dc.contributor.authorBrönstrup, Mariana Eick
dc.description.abstractThe significant amount of waste generated by the construction industry is now a major problem being faced by construction companies and the government, demanding the adoption of sectoral policies by the municipalities. What is evident, however, is that the requirements and monitoring process of compliance and adequacy of these standards are still not effective. In this context, this master degree dissertation presents guidelines for developing a construction and demolition waste management system for the city of Gramado-RS suitable for the CONAMA Resolution 307/2002 from the point of view of county public power. As a research strategy was a case study conducted at the City Hall of the county. Among the stages of the study we estimated the amount of construction and demolition waste generated in the county, diagnosed the management system employed by the city and identified the defective points and improvement opportunities. As main results the paper presents various actions to be undertaken by the government, involving the structure of their own City Hall, construction companies, companies involved in waste collection and society in general. Issues such as the provision of areas for disposal of small volumes of waste, the procedure adopted more unified in the sectors of the City and the requirement for the environmental permit from the collector of debris to meet the technical requirements and environmental impacts, are considered fundamental to the top process. Furthermore, construction companies must also play its role, acquiring knowledge, making them available to their employees and developing their projects for waste management.en
dc.description.sponsorshipBanco Santander / Banespapt_BR
dc.publisherUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinospt_BR
dc.subjectCONAMA Resolution 307en
dc.subjectResolução 307 do CONAMApt_BR
dc.titleDiretrizes para implantação de um sistema de gerenciamento de resíduos de construção e demolição para o município de Gramado-RSpt_BR

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