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dc.contributor.advisorCabral, Patrícia Martins Fagundes
dc.contributor.authorFischer, Bernardo Ferreira
dc.description.abstractThe main objectives of this project are to discuss the leadership role in industrial corporations which are implementing a Variable Compensation Plan (VCP), and the personal and professional repercussions of this process. This searching project utilized an international corporation of commodities, formed recently by a joint venture, which implemented a new VCP on the last year. In the theoretical foundation of this work are appointed the following topics: 1) variable contribution and performance; 2) motivation and work engagement; 3) cultural and organizational climate; 4) communication. Data collection was performed by semi structured and present interviews, with 10 leaderships of the corporation studied. Complementary information was collected through documental search, treated by data analysis, and utilized as subject of comparison with information from interviews. These data was analyzed through Discursive Textual Analyzes method (MORAES, 2003), which determined the following categories: 1) VCP implementation process (HANASHIRO, TEIXEIRA and ZACCARELLI, 2010); 2) main challenges on VCP implementation (ROSSI, 2004); 3) adjustments identified on process (BARBOSA, 1999); 4) the leadership and its roles (BASS and AVOLIO, 1994); 5) leaderships feelings about VCP implementation process (DESSLER, 1996); 6) most difficult and easiest procedures identified on VCP implementation (FLEURY and FLEURY, 2004); 7) what should be different on VCP implementation (WRIGHT, 2000); 8) professional repercussions on work teams during VCP implementation (KOHN, 1998); 9) personal life consequences generated by VCP implementation (GOMES and AMORIM, 2008); 10) VCP and organization growth strategies alignment (WOOD Jr. and PICARELLI, 2004); 11) changes on professional behavior of work team (HANASHIRO, TEIXEIRA and ZACCARELLI, 2010); 12) recommendations to leaders wich intend to implement a VCP (HANASHIRO, TEIXEIRA and ZACCARELLI, 2010). Main results appoint to the importance of engagement and knowledge of leaders about VRP implementation; the understanding that VRP is a strategic management tool; the importance of a clear and correct communication to the right comprehension of VRP in all hierarchic levels; and the necessity of alignment between individual targets and the organization strategies.en
dc.publisherUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinospt_BR
dc.subjectPlano de Remuneração Variável (PRV)pt_BR
dc.subjectVariable Compensation Plan (VCP)en
dc.titleDesafios da implementação de um plano de remuneração variável (PRV), na percepção de lideranças: o caso de uma empresa do segmento de comercialização de commoditiespt_BR

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