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dc.contributor.advisorRuiz, Castor Mari Martín Bartolomé
dc.contributor.authorSantos, Claudecir dos
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this research is to show that the philosophy of language of Walter Benjamin has political implications that attach to human language a mission. Among the assumptions of this mission is to do a project that has as a principle and target the revolutionary redemption of humanity. This project, however, will not take place without the conjunction between past, present and future. Benjamin believes that the feasibility of this combination lacks a language where the recollection, the redemption of lost experience (possible via a translating practice that approximates to the original) and messianism become conditions for stopping the progress, once it is dehumanizing. These conditions are at the heart of Benjamin's project, but only make sense when they are thought from a language that goes beyond the signs and can make things and events to communicate in the language and not just through it. Given it, this thesis about the political implications of language in Walter Benjamin presents, firstly the structure of language theory constructed by the philosopher. Secondly, it brings the political implications of language in philosophy of history and, thirdly, refers to the political implications of language from the reflections of Benjamin on language and temporality. The analyzes, interpretations and considerations which support this work suggest that the theory of the language of Walter Benjamin is a kind of promised inheritance. The conquest of that heritage implies a return to the origins of language. But that maybe is no longer possible. Thus, there remains the task of humanity to walk towards the origin of language and realize its magical dimension present in all things. Therefore, the language can become a powerful political tool capable of causing that the outbreak of waking consciousness has the strength to revive experiences where "the occurred" moves us, suggesting, if necessary, a turnaround in the construction and interpretation of history.en
dc.publisherUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinospt_BR
dc.titleImplicações políticas da linguagem em Walter Benjaminpt_BR

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