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dc.creatorOliveira, Laura Livramento da Silva de
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to reflect on the therapeutic group with autistic children. The autism is understood here not from the angle of what is lacking to it, but as a potential subject that presents difficulties in three main axes, namely: the axis of the relational sphere, the axis of language and the axis of the repertoire of interests and the stereotypies. To Lacanian psychoanalysis, what matters in autism is not the diagnosis itself, but the instinctual game that happens interrupted and the possibility of intervention that calls for the subject as possible to constitute himself. Among the plausible intervention strategies, the group takes highlighting place in the handling of clinical work with autistic children, although there is, in autism, a serious difficulty in the relationship with the other. Therefore, this study aimed to analyze the therapeutic group device as a resource that contributes to the constitution subjective process of these children. The survey was conducted by collecting the testimony of four professionals from different institutions in the city of Recife, which were selected because they are specialized in the treatment of autistic children and have extensive experience and recognition both social and academic. The analysis of the content of the testimonies, was made a categorization of answers in order to gain an understanding of each statement itself and at the same time, a comparison between them by checking the convergent and divergent points. Overall, the divergent ones concerned over the specific mode of operation of each group than the group's goal itself. The aspects more highlighted in the group were: group s formation, planning, libidinal investment of the therapist, language / communication, transfer, team meeting, instinctual window and child quit of the group. These features enable this clinical resource and assist in psychic [re]structuring of autistic children. Then, the consensus is that therapeutic group device is a possible intervention strategy and may cause psychic rearrangements that are put at the service of subjective constitution and, therefore, of the subject.eng
dc.publisherUniversidade Católica de Pernambucopor
dc.rightsAcesso Abertopor
dc.subjectpsicologia clínicapor
dc.subjectcrianças - desvios do desenvolvimentopor
dc.subjectcrianças autistaspor
dc.subjectpsicanálise infantil, dissertaçõespor
dc.subjectclinical psychologyeng
dc.subjectchildren - developmental deviationseng
dc.subjectautistic childreneng
dc.subjectchild psychoanalysis, dissertationseng
dc.titleGrupo terapêutico com crianças autistas: uma aposta no sujeitopor

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