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dc.contributor Matos, Junot Cornélio
dc.contributor CPF:33579881434
dc.contributor Pinto, Abuendia Padilha Peixoto
dc.contributor CPF:00000000190
dc.contributor Aguiar, Marígia Ana de Moura
dc.contributor CPF:78232961449
dc.contributor 2007-09-03 2018-09-25T19:41:07Z 2007-09-03 2018-09-25T19:41:07Z 2007-09-03 2007-05-16
dc.identifier SILVA, Claudionor Alves da. Texto e contexto : implicações no ensino da língua materna. 2007. 105 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências da Linguagem) - Universidade Católica de Pernambuco, Recife, 2007.
dc.description.abstract This dissertation about the teaching of Maternal Language offered by the public school and did it leave of the following subject: how the teaching of Maternal Language in the initial years of the fundamental teaching, that take as beginning the use of the text, can it contribute to the students talkative competence in the sense of dominating the oral and written code of the language? This study was accomplished with base in the theoretical-methodological referencial discussed by Kock (2000); (2003a); (2003b); (2003c); (2004a) and (2004b); Travaglia (1997) and (2004) and Marcuschi (2000) and (2004). Thus, it traces a way of the interests by the studies of the language, in the several historical moments, discussing the different language conceptions and its relationship with the teaching of the language. Considering the text as object of teaching of the language, comes, the contribution of the National Curriculares Parameters / Portuguese Language countersigned by the Textual Linguistics that presents an orientation for the analysis of texts. For the accomplishment of the research, it was used documental analysis and of interview done with the teachers of the school research field. The data collected for half of those instruments they showed as significant and valid in the sense of understanding the proposals of teaching of the language in the context of the school. Finally, the analysis of those datums allows to affirm that, in the school, the text is not used indeed about unit of teaching and, consequently, it doesn't objectify the development of the its students' talkative capacity
dc.publisher Universidade Católica de Pernambuco
dc.publisher Ciências da Linguagem
dc.publisher BR
dc.publisher UNICAP
dc.publisher Mestrado em Ciências da Linguagem
dc.rights Acesso Aberto
dc.subject língua materna - estudo e ensino
dc.subject aquisição da linguagem
dc.subject comunicação
dc.subject competência comunicativa
dc.subject dissertações
dc.subject maternal language
dc.subject language acquisition
dc.subject comunication
dc.subject ability comunication
dc.subject dissertation
dc.title Texto e contexto : implicações no ensino da língua materna
dc.type Dissertação

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