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Síndrome de alienação parental : um estudo através do olhar de psicólogos e assistentes sociais peritos

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dc.contributor Lima, Albenise de Oliveira
dc.contributor CPF:09753923449
dc.contributor Barbosa, Leopoldo Nelson Fernandes
dc.contributor CPF:02511524481
dc.contributor Santana, Suely de Melo
dc.contributor CPF:44949774468
dc.contributor 2013-11-20 2018-09-25T19:36:35Z 2013-11-20 2018-09-25T19:36:35Z 2013-11-20 2013-09-25
dc.identifier MELO, Ana Katarina Leimig Saraiva de. Síndrome de alienação parental : um estudo através do olhar de psicólogos e assistentes sociais peritos. 2013. 90 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Psicologia Clínica) - Universidade Católica de Pernambuco, Recife, 2013.
dc.description.abstract Parental Alienation is a phenomenon that borns within the family when they have any custody conflict, mainly in the judicial sphere, that in a short period became focus of cientific studies in Psychology, Psychiatry and Law. In this context, some searches and discutions about this subject are needed, to contribute to a further deepening in practice of Clinic Psychology as Judicial scope, aiming ways of prevention and promotion of total welfare of childs and teenagers victims of Parental Alienation. This research is qualitative aimed to understand the consequences of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) in the family, through the eyes of Professional Psychology and Social Work dealing with the subject. The instrument for data collection was a semi-structured interview. Participants were three Psychologists and three Social Service experts, linked to the Judiciary of Pernambuco. The data was analyzed using Minayo s thematic, enabling to understand the meaning of speech of interviewees according to the proposed objectives. The main results point to a program developed gradually, by professionals, for the purpose of issuing an opinion that seeks to clarify the family context in which children are inserted, and not worry about the way it operates of experts in order protect the child and / or adolescent from the consequences of a bad breakup elaborate.
dc.publisher Universidade Católica de Pernambuco
dc.publisher Psicologia Clínica
dc.publisher BR
dc.publisher UNICAP
dc.publisher Mestrado em Psicologia Clínica
dc.rights Acesso Aberto
dc.subject dissertações
dc.subject psicologia clínica
dc.subject síndrome de alienação parental - aspectos psicológicos - estudo de casos
dc.subject psicanálise
dc.subject separação (direito) - aspectos psicológicos
dc.subject famílias de pais separados - aspectos políticos
dc.subject pais e filhos - aspectos psicológicos
dc.subject dissertations
dc.subject clinical psychology
dc.subject parental alienation syndrome - psychological aspects - case studies
dc.subject psychoanalysis
dc.subject separation (right) - psychological aspects
dc.subject single-parent families - political aspects
dc.subject parents and children - psychological aspects
dc.title Síndrome de alienação parental : um estudo através do olhar de psicólogos e assistentes sociais peritos
dc.type Dissertação

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