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Avaliação do grau do dano das estruturas do subsolo de três edifícios situados na Região Metropolitana do Recife

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dc.contributor Monteiro, Eliana Cristina Barreto
dc.contributor CPF:82024332404
dc.contributor Carvalho Filho, Arnaldo Cardim de
dc.contributor CPF:06185045400
dc.contributor Nepomuceno, Antônio Alberto
dc.contributor CPF:00000000500
dc.contributor 2007-03-27 2018-09-25T19:35:05Z 2007-03-27 2018-09-25T19:35:05Z 2007-03-27 2006-04-20
dc.identifier LEMOS, Sérgio Pereira Pinto. Evaluation of the degree of damage in the subsoil structures of three buildings situated in the Region Metropolitan of Recife/PE. 2006. 130 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Engenharia Civil) - Universidade Católica de Pernambuco, Recife, 2006.
dc.description.abstract This work aims to evaluate the pathology of residential buildings structures located at the Metropolitan Region of Recife, Brazil using the quantification of damages to measure the degree of early deterioration of reinforced concrete. Three residential buildings (RB) with similar construction standards were studied. All buildings have approximate age and are inserted into environmental aggressiveness distinct. A visual inspection took place as well as a laboratorial sample analysis of their pillars, beams and underground water reservatories. It was verified that the RB1 case, located at a high environmental aggressiveness class (III), and the RB2 case, located significatively far from the sea and classified with a moderate environmental aggressiveness class (II), both presented a medium degree of deterioration (GDE). For both buildings it is suggested a periodic inspection recommendation and a medium term intervention (GD 1 = 36,98 ; GD 2 = 31,23). The third case (RB3), located at a high environmental aggressiveness class (III) and seafront with protection barriers, presented a high degree of deterioration (GD 3=103,94). It is suggested for RB3 an immediate intervention with collapse risks
dc.publisher Universidade Católica de Pernambuco
dc.publisher Engenharia Civil
dc.publisher BR
dc.publisher UNICAP
dc.publisher Mestrado em Engenharia Civil
dc.rights Acesso Aberto
dc.subject construção civil
dc.subject falhas estruturais
dc.subject construção de concreto armado-manutenção e reparos
dc.subject desmoronamento de edifícios
dc.subject dissertações
dc.subject building
dc.subject structural failures
dc.subject concrete construction-maintenance and repair
dc.subject building failures
dc.subject dissertation
dc.title Avaliação do grau do dano das estruturas do subsolo de três edifícios situados na Região Metropolitana do Recife
dc.type Dissertação

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